Sunday, 10 June 2012

Help! I have a TBI!

The sooner you can get help for your TBI survivor the better.  I have rarely met a survivor who jumps at the opportunity to join or attend a Brain Injury Group.  Ego being the mother of missed opportunity, will cause your loved one, time when it comes to recovery.

If he, and I mean he because 9 out of 10 times it is the male who will argue, I am not as bad as them why do I need to attend?
This bravado is a defense mechanism.  I actually joined in hopes to help other survivors because it had been 15 years since I had been injured.
To my surprise I learned more about myself in the process and enjoyed my time so much I eventually became President of our Brain Injury Society.
It offers support for the caregivers and lets you know that you are not alone.  The society will also have resources both locally and provincially or state wide, that you can tap into.
Things like attorney's who specialize in brain injury.
Why do I need an attorney trained in TBI?
Some lawyers will settle a case from an MVA, and state that the person will be healed up in 2 years and so you are compensated for 2 years and no clause for long term disability was considered.
What if scar tissue builds up and another surgery is required?

So help is most crucial at every turn.

I found that it was so nice to attend a group where I could contribute to with suggestions like the ones on this blog and in turn receive suggestions that might just work for me.
Yes there are people in the group that are far more injured than yourself and there are those who are less affected. The great thing is you will feel like you belong.  It is a place where we don't mind if you stutter, have mobility issues or anger issues.
The mere fact that when you arrive you are accepted as is, will make you feel at peace.  You don't have to explain yourself each and every time you forget. It's understood.

For the caregiver, it will be a place to network and a shoulder when things get tough.  Our group has assisted from giving food and clothing to getting the right medical assistance for you or your loved one.

If there is not a group in your town then check online to see where one is.  You might even decide to start one.
Ours started out of a home with a handful of people and now has hundreds of clients and is partially funded by the provincial government.  The only thing I can warn you about is that when you decide to start one get ready to be overwhelmed by how many respond.

What if my TBI survivor refuses to attend?

Well there is nothing from stopping you.
Second:  Get him to read this page.

I like you are brain injured.  You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by attending your local brain injury support group.  If you truly want to heal, have a productive life, not lose your wife, avoid the 90 percent divorce rate that your fellow brain injured survivors enjoy, then if that is nothing for you to lose continue on with your head in the sand and have a great life.
If you can appreciate the fact that your wife is standing by you trying to help you back on your feet, don't you think you owe her a little respect for all she is sacrificing for you?
Don't hesitate and Join today! It may just save your marriage let alone your life.

Did you know that now that you have suffered from a brain injury you are twice likely to suffer a second before someone suffers their first?  Lets keep it to one and learn how to cope.

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