Monday, 14 July 2014

Rehab DIY

I may get a little flustered at times.  I may come off as inconsiderate.  I may sound angry.
One could point to what else, my brain injury?
When it suits you, I have a brain injury and not just an opinion.
If I suggest my behavior is in  direct relationship to the loss of brain wiring, you are doubtful.
Your expertise is that you have lived as long as I without a TBI, therefore you can state inequitably that my short term memory loss is not that bad.
My inability to hold a conversion or get a joke is nothing more than an inconvenience that I should get over it.
My lack of compassion for the passing of a loved one means I am a psychopath.
When I cry at another person crying, I am over sensitive.
When I forget a name, I am rude.
When I forget an appointment, I am irresponsible.
When I apply for a Job that requires an aptitude test that is timed, do I state I have a learning problem.  Do I lie and say I am dyslexic?  Do I say I have a permanent disability?
Will I get hired if I do?
Yeah, I have a right to be angry.  I am high functioning disabled however the key word here is disabled and that is my dilemma that has haunted me for 40 years.
Help?  I had none in 1977.
None in any years since even with 2 neuropsych tests in 78 and 1994.
Its ironic that the tester of the neuropsych test knew I was disabled but could not refer me to someone who might help.
My rehab was simple. DIY.

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