Tuesday, 22 May 2012

On the fringe

Since my aneurysm occurred in the dark ages when 18 year old's were not supposed to suffer an old person's ailment, "A Stroke", a lot has changed since 1977.  Anyone at any age can succumb to a neurological disorder that once fell into the stroke classification.  From infants to Senior citizens and everyone in between.  Whether it is like mine a malformed cluster of veins and arteries, to blood clots to direct trauma resulting in a tear in the artery wall, we are all susceptible.
One of the new treatments is hyperbaric chamber to help increase the oxygen  to the affected region of the body in hopes of speeding up the healing process.
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Since I have not been treated nor do I know of anyone who has, it is something to ask your doctor about and of course the cost could be prohibitive especially if it is not covered by your medical insurance plan.  I do believe it has been used by the U.S. Military treating head wounds of soldiers but one would have to research this out.
I simply want to let you know that there are alternative treatments.  Their value may vary and I do not promote one treatment over another.  My goal in this blog is to simply present choices that with consultation with your physician may be considered in the overall treatment of your loved one.

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