Saturday, 4 April 2015


Regardless of fault, your loved one has a mountain to climb.
Brain injury is one of the most difficult injury to recover from.
Blame after the fact has no bearing on recovery except to retard it.
Blame can be on so may levels.
I should not have drank and drove, I should not have taken that illicit drug, if only I had not gone to the bar and gotten into the fight,
If I had only worn my helmet, and the list goes on.
In some cases like myself, my mom blamed herself for having me against doctor's wishes as all her pregnancies were risky.

By harbouring resentment will only manifest in a negative outcome.
It is like a disease that spreads to healthy members which only causes at the least an anger and break down of the family unit.
One need not bury the feelings but one must learn to work through them and to deal with them early on through therapy.
A parent who has an adult child is forced back into caregiver for example can be overwhelming.
A parent of a child struck down before they had a chance to blossom.
Yes blame is a powerful enemy.
However blame turned into a positive can be a strong asset.  It can become motivation and determination to overcome.
Is the glass half empty or half full.
The more positive the input the greater the recovery the healthier the family unit becomes.
Never deny your feelings.  
Air them and move forward.
Although this picture is about cancer it easily works for everyone.

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  1. I hope that you could still find some measure of closure in your life. Something that should be pursued not in the spirit of vengeance, but for restitution, so that actions that have led to these accidents will be discouraged, in order to end or at least minimize its occurrence in the future.

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