Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Question Of Faith

In my last blog, I mentioned faith or spiritualism as a means for healing.  Now many require no convincing of the power of meditation or divine intervention.
Some athiests may scoff at the idea that a mystical being has anything to do with the healing process and it's all in your mind.
I agree with both!
Those who have a faith whether they believe it or not are using an icon, to really still the mind to access the subconscios mind which I feel is connected to a greater power I refer to as the "Collective Consciousness" that some refer to as God.
Whether you believe or do not believe is neither up to me or anyone else however, if you are worldly, meaning tolerant and respectful of all beliefs or non-beliefs then I pose a simple question.
What harm is it in believing in spiritualism as part of the healing regimine?
Let me put it to you this way.  If we believe that Global Warming is true but the nay sayers hijack the argument and say it is not so and we destroy this planet then we all lose.  If we support the argument that global warming is real and are proactive in cleaning the environment, what do we lose?
Nothing.  In fact we gain a cleaner environment.

So if you allow for prayer in any form, whether from a specific faith or from someone who has faith in a healing rock, a pool of water, or an annointed person, and when you die there is no afterlife, what have you lost?  Conversely if you deny the possibility of life after and there truely is then you may have denied yourself the option to healing yourself or a loved one by way of prayer.

You merely have to still the mind at night and simply ask the power to be to please bring balance, harmony, health, success and love to the named injured person.
Positive reaffirmation.
What have you got to lose?
To me it's a win,win kind of situation similar to those who would rather destroy the environment instead of leaving it cleaner than it was when you got it.

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