Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Spirit Within

I may not be the best person to speak about spiritualism for obvious reasons, like I don't follow a religion, have not read the bible, have for the most part of my life been an agnostic, yet I am going to share my story and hopefully you won't be offended or think that I am a lost cause.
It has taken me 40 years to come to the conclusion that in fact the power of prayer may work.  I say may for those who are like me a little cautious.  You see I was mad at my God, for giving me this terrible challenge.  I could understand it if in fact I was the cause of the aneurysms but they were formed before I was born.
Now the reason for writing this is to help those who are more faithful than I and maybe open the minds of those still wondering.

As I told you, this all began at 14 when aneurysms began to rupture.  In actual fact without going into great detail I ask you to simply follow my thought patterns and determine whether it was luck of the draw or a greater force was involved starting before even I was born?
A simple thought for the non believers is simply this....We have two minds.  The Conscious mind.  This is what governs our conscious decisions.  To walk, run, laugh, cry, wear a helmet or not, get behind the wheel, call a cab.  Everything we do, right or wrong is governed by our conscious mind.
The second mind is the subconscious mind.  This works 24/7, regulating your heart, managing your temperature, blood pressure, growing your hair and finger nails.  It fights infection and it does what no doctor or psychologist can do and that is to heal you.  Yes, a doctor may set the broken leg, which removes  the block so that your body can begin the process of healing.   The same with the psychologist.  He guides you from the darkness so that your mind can begin to heal itself.  All healers, whether Christ, Mohamed, Buddha and dentists, physiotherapists, chiropractors and the like are facilitators for the process of your subconscious mind to promote its own healing whether it is physical, mental or spiritual.
Now I am of the mind that the planet is much older than 6000 years, that the big gang occurred but the question still remains, who created the big bang?
Along comes a scientist and The "Theory Of Everything", by Robert Lanza, who merges the realm of science and Biology which allows for both science and spiritualism to exist.
Now I am not going to go further in explaining the theory of relativity, the big bang, the reason for us being here but in that same thought I will explain how I think that possibly the hand of God played a role in my life.

Dr. Heffernan told my mom not to give birth to me until July 21, 1959 as he was on vacation until then.  I decided that I like the number 19 and at 6 am, on the 19th, I was born.
Dr. Sinclair was the attending doctor and as fate would have it, I chose to see him over Dr. Heffernan in the years that followed.
I began passing out in or around age 13-14.  Dr. Sinclair prescribed something for poor iron blood.  It had little or no affect as the passing out continued.  Wishing to avoid the cod liver mixture I simply stopped complaining about my passing out frequencies.
My grades began to plummet along with my concentration and my scholastic abilities were a swiss cheese of some grade 9, 10, 11 by the time I finally dropped out.
My dad decided to send me 500 mile north to Vanderhoof, B.C. hoping that working for our farmer friend would convince me to go back to school and get a good education.
Late July, I became nauseous from what I would later learn was an aneurysm rupturing.  No pain, just disorientation.  Still concerned I went to the doctor and he stated it was my spleen.
I though it was my head but who was I to question the doctor?
A week later I have the car accident and get a free trip with my broken leg back to Victoria.
I go to the emergency, see Dr. Mackie who is in the process of taking over doctor Sinclair's practice.
He discovers my broken arm missed by the hospital in Vanderhoof.
October 31, I have the major aneurysm rupture.
Dr. Mackie refers me to Doctor Cameron who saves my life.

Lets sum it up.  For some unknown reason, I get Doctor Sinclair as my doctor before I am born and he is to retire and Dr. Mackie is to take over his practice on or around 1977.  The Doctor in Vanderhoof 's misdiagnosis of my rupturing aneurysm.  To get to Victoria something grand has to take place.  Let's see, God throws a pick-up into my path and I break my leg.  They miss my broken arm, another miracle, because Dr. Mackie remembers that and decides I need a brain scan, an X-Ray and an EEG.
The tests prove I have 6 weeks to live.  To me, too many coincidences along with the timing leave me wondering.
I could not deny the many faiths that prayed for me to say that the power of prayer did not have an impact upon my recovery.  I could tell you that these farming friends used to reside in Sidney which was outside of Victoria and moved to Vanderhoof in 1974.
The fact remains whether it is fluke luck or divine intervention, I personally lean towards the latter.  I believe our bodies are not perfect but the soul within is.  I believe we are divinely perfect and that our connection to heaven or the divine consciousness is through our subconscious mind.  If you still your mind and feed your subconscious mind with healing positive thoughts you will consciously see the healing manifest itself in you.
I may not know what is in store for me.  It may be this blog.  It may be to give you hope,  It may be to say a loved one is too broken and it is in God's hands, or may be a loved one passed already and you need to know all was done by you for him or her.  Whatever the reason I hope this blog continues to help you in your healing or acceptance of the loss of self one has or is still facing.

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