Tuesday, 24 June 2014

It Just Happened! What do I do?

This is the time to act.  You see insurance companies act post haste, to minimize the cost of damages.  So should you.
Regardless of whether this is a TBI or an ABI.  Whether insurance is availble or not, you do not have time to begin either the healing process or the legal process.

If you have either insurance or injury occurred at work, if a representative offers you a settlement, politely say, I must speak with my attorney first. (Of course "I" being the spouse or caregiver)
Lawyers better be well versed in Brain Injury.  This will be a long process.
Long term?  Possibly for the rest of his/her life where the file needs to remain open.
We may hope for a complete recovery, but we need temperance, and plan for something in between.
Things to consider long term.  Income loss, siezures, scar tissue building up on the brain over the years.
Yes, you may be fortunate like me, no scar tissue build up, yet.  No siezures but one can never rule them out.
Get a goooooood lawyer who ensures you file is ongoing.

Now if you have no coverage, had a stroke or tumor then you need to turn to help groups immediately.  They can direct you to government or charities that may offer assistance, like walkers, wheel chairs, wheel chair ramps, medical beds, hoists to aid in moving the most serious.
You will also need to know what rehabilitation is for your loved one.
The proper neuropsychology testing.
The newest treatments like Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (hbot).
The quicker the rehab and legal process begins the better the outcome for both you, your marriage, and or family.

Hope you never need me but I am glad to be of some help if you do.

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