Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hope Restored

On August 15, I made my way by bus to the local hospital emergency ward, to have my swollen right knee examined as well as have the cast on my foot re-enforced.  Seems that from time to time I would fall due to how I had to hold my left crutch with my sprained wrist.
Dr. William Mackie, was the attending emergency doctor that would examine me.  Little did I know that he was fresh out of Med School and was in the process of taking over my retiring General Practitioner's business.
Dr, Mackie first attended to my swollen knee explaining that it would have to be aspirated (have the fluid removed) by way of a very large needle.  This was done. 
I then complained about my wrist and showed him how I could lower the wrist but it hurt like hell to raise it up again. 
He asked me if it had been X-rayed to which I replied in the "I dunno" category.
He then send me to radiology for the usual picture.
I returned to the emergency with the X-Ray in hand.  He looked at it and said "Its broken."  "We will need to put it into a cast.
Picture this, a broken right leg and a broken left wrist.  Now envision yourself being 18 and needing a bath.
Things have gone from Bad to worse in a matter of seconds.
Well at least I had some hope restored by mere fact that this doctor had found something that should not have been missed in the first place. 
The remainder of the summer went off without a hitch and I got the casts off in late September.
I enrolled in the local college to complete my grade 12 commencing in January.  All I had to do now was wait for that date to come to fruition. 
God has a sense of humor and decided to let me know in no uncertain terms, who was in charge and he would pick the most appropriate day in which to remind me of his control.
Trick or Treat!

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