Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Missed Opportunity

Well I ended my last blog with "Car Accidents May Cause Brain Injury."  The truth be known, in my case the reverse should have happened to me.  The brain injury should have presented itself had the doctors of the hospital, been performing their duties properly.  How could they take a person with obvious head trauma, who was incoherent, unconscious no less, had a cut on his chin and throat, a broken leg, a girlfriend with a skull fracture, not be scanned for possible brain injury?
If you think you are baffled, where does that leave me?
Later in my life I would be trained as a first aid attendant, and we had to assume the worse case scenario in cases like this.  Prepare for the worse until you can physically rule that out.
In my case I assumed, I had been scanned from stem to stern.  They found my broken right heal bone so one would assume that was all that they found.
I did complain about my left wrist being sore while using the wheel chair but was informed that it in fact was sprained and the doctor slapped a tensor bandage on it and 5 days later I was shown the door.
I walked on my crutches with some consternation as my wrist throbbed when I held the crutch in the proper form and was forced to adjust my handhold so that the part between my thumb and my index finger held onto the crutch.
I flew the 500 miles back to the loving arms of my less that impressed parent's arms.
The accident occurred on August 05, 1977 and like I said, I am great at math and I got home on August the 10th.  Did you know a computer cones with a built in calculator?
My next special day happens on the 15th of August which as you might have guessed it, is five days from the 10th.  Mensa, here I come!  Besides Mensa, the fact that my brain injury went undetected, would conclude this blog by summing it up as a missed opportunity.

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